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History of Banking

To understand the world we live in today, it is necessary for one to be able to place it in its proper position within the long march of human history. These are a collection of articles constructed around that aim.

Ancient Origins of Money Part 1 – Mythical Origins of Money
Ancient Origins of Money Part 2 – Mesopotamia and Egypt
Ancient Origins of Money Part 3 – Israel and King Solomon
– Ancient Origins of Money Part 4 Greece, Rome and Europe

– British History from the Earliest Times to 1688
– British History 1688 to 1970 (perhaps extend all the way through)
– Modern Britain

– Australian History 1788 to 1929
– Modern Australia

– American History from 1620 to 1890
– Modern American History

The various references to books from where this knowledge has been drawn will likely be as much use to the reader as the articles presented above.